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“Why lose 12" of your very limited interior width to 2×6 studs which support nothing? Why not save the expense of a shipping container, frame up a conventional wall and side it with metal? It’s much more conventional and your interior width is not cast in stone. If I were forced to insulate one of these beasts (because, say, someone gave me one for free AND paid to have it moved to my property AND levelled AND set up on foundation blocks AND I had noplace else to live), I would use 1-1/2" thick blue foamboard which comes in 2’x 8′ sheets. The framing would be horizontal 2x2s attached to the siding with neo-screws (head of screw outside = exposed to weather) through small holes pre-drilled through the container siding. Run a 2×2 along the floor, pop in a slab of foam, install another 2×2 — all the way to the ceiling and across the roof/ceiling the same way.
If more insulation is desired, run ‘studs’ on 25-1/2" centers which can be pre-drilled and screwed into the previous girts where they overlap. This would yield R15 and only 6" of interior width would be lost to framing and insulation. Figure another 1" lost for interior finish (includes both long walls) and you’re in.”

(from an admired source, sail4free) be told, I didn’t choose to build with shipping containers because I like the look of them. I’m also not trying to save the planet by recycling them – not that there’s anything wrong with that. Rather, I felt forced into it by the continued theft and damage at my property in northern Wisconsin. What I really wanted was just a small log or timber frame cabin, but that was not to be


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