Posted by: cosmicgarden | August 3, 2012

Nice weather and pickles!

The thunderstorm and short rain last night left things freshened, now there’s warm sunshine to help the laundry dry. About 70 degrees, 68 in the shade with a nice breeze. Mike got me a bag of Hutterite cucumbers (mine are not grown yet!) and later tonight I’ll bring in the crock from the woman-cave, and let the pickle magic begin! This time I have no out-of-town plans so should be able to see it through. I have grape leaves! dill!, pickling spices! pull down the kosher salt from top cupboard! distilled water from its hiding place out in the office. Now I just need to start my annual ponderings over what to use to keep the pickles down. In the brine. I just need a talented fireman to pull out his saw and little piece of wood to make me a nice-fitting lid with a handle on top. Then I could line it with plastic and….  oh well, maybe I’ll use a plate. I am NOT washing a rock to put on top. Probably will use a jug of water, that’s nice and clean and heavy….  Now this is where I get to explain to visitors over the next weeks when they come in, no, it’s not your imagination, something really is fermenting -in the kitchen-under the towel. Wanna see? And we shall see who the brave souls are who will test a half-pickled pickle!


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