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September 20, 2012 Notes

I am following Mr Brown Thumb’s instructions for saving tomato seed.How to save heirloom tomato seeds for next year

It was hard not to eat the two beautiful Heirloom Striped Roma I bought from the ladies at the farmer’s market. Almost impossible not to put it in my mouth they looked so delicious. I really hope I can grow them, the fruit looked like works of art.

It’s hard to know when the Kimchi is done! We taste it, and it tastes good. Very very garlicky, and hot with chiles and ginger. A bit salty and somewhat sour. I can taste the chard flavors too, which makes this batch a bit different. Renee’s Garden, articles and advice. I love reading Renee’s Garden articles, recipes, seed catalogues, etc. Very inspiring and informative!  I love this! Beautiful art, beautiful colors

per wikipedia

“Legend is a 1985 British-American fantasy film … Like the 5th century Aesop’s Fables, and before the sanitized versions by Disney and others, traditional folklore contained harsh knowledge and beliefs in prose, proverbs, verse narratives, poems, songs, rituals, riddles, dramas, and myths”  Kids in the Hall, Brain Candy, was a terribly funny film. A little too close for comfort, though!

A pharmaceutical scientist creates a pill that makes people remember their happiest memory, and although it’s successful, it has unfortunate side effects.

from Wild Fermentation – Dear Santa, I would love this book someday Smile

Recipe: Basic Sourdough Starter

The following recipe is from Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods by Sandor Katz.

“Starting a sourdough is as easy as mixing flour and water in a bowl and leaving it on the kitchen counter for a few days, stirring as often as you think of it. The yeast is there and will reveal itself. The work is in maintaining the sourdough and keeping it alive and fresh. A sourdough starter requires regular feeding and attention, not unlike a small pet. Potentially you could pass it on to your grandchildren. I have never kept one going for more than a year at a time, fickle lover of travel adventure that I am. But luckily, sourdoughs are easy to start, so I keep starting new ones. Here is the process I use.”

I started this sourdough starter today September 13, 2012 with whole wheat flour and a little bunch of grapes from our vines.

I love Rosa Clemente. I don’t know for hip-hop, but I love Rosa Clemente. I wish I knew her personally.

I listened to an interview with her which was aired on KPFT The Other Side show. I get the podcast of TOS, and listen when I have time. Today I listened while washing and stemming grapes for jelly.

Wow, and then Ralph Nader on The Inner Side Show. Great! Ah if only….

I am following this interim committee:

Law and Justice Interim Committee 2011-2012


  1. In the original Cinderella, crows came and pecked out the eyes of the evil stepsisters. Ahhhh Linguistic Anthropology, I love you.

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