Posted by: cosmicgarden | October 2, 2012

October 2, 2012 notes

Red Chile Enchiladas on Youtube

I love being able to watch youtube videos to learn cooking techniques, but often they are REALLY BAD.  Booooooring!  I don’t want to sit and watch somebody stir for 3 minutes. Or ridiculous. But this one was great and made me hungry for his enchiladas! Even though it did start with powder and I was looking for recipes starting with dried pods… I like this person, liked his kitchen and liked his explanations. I’d like to go eat at his house! I’d do the dishes!

I want this for dinner! With the beans and spanish rice and an egg on top!

I had fun checking out the Evil Mad Science site, LED projects and robots. Getting ready for Halloween around here. I love the “Don’t Fear Art” stickers and wish I knew someone named Art to gift some to!

I am happy to have discovered the photos here. “Slatsz Wildflower Walks.” Beautiful! The descriptions are wonderful and I am so happy to learn the official latin names of the plants as well, but I wish I knew more about the photographer! Absolutely breathtaking plants and scenery. Many of the plants grow in my garden and area so I believe it is not too far from me. I’d love to visit with this person in person and see these flowers in real life.

I love the Avery Design and Print online site. I figure with all the trouble to grow and make and can the food, it is nice to have a pretty label on it too, especially for gifts. I don’t know why the Ball and Kerr companies don’t put templates for their labels online, but they don’t have what I wished for.  I was able to make nice labels like this:

2012 037

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