Posted by: cosmicgarden | October 8, 2012

October 8, 2012 Notes

I am really sick that my gamble did not pay off. I left many tomatoes on the plants because they were so small I thought if they just had one more week or so of growth they would be more. So I watered and covered them will with fabric row cover and  tucked the edges down tightly with rocks and chunks of firewood. But they froze anyway. I want to cry. Dammit! So all I have are a couple of bowls of small green ones and a few jars mixed with zuchinni called salsa. I can not believe all those plants and I was unable to get enough produce to can enough for the winter. I am bummed.  Next year I have to start earlier! And that damn grass clippings/ blossom end rot fiasco! Next year I am going to forego the squash and do all tomatoes everywhere. Or maybe I’ll just say screw it and only grow flowers. Sad smile 

this post was very sweet and if you need an uplift you should read this:

The Point of Being Alive

–by Rachel Stafford, Original Story, Oct 08, 2012

“…As we meandered around the colorful and lively market, I witnessed six connections, which I will refer to as “points of light” in the following post. These moments, later comprised as one remarkable collection, illuminated the beauty and importance of living life with open eyes, open hands, and an open heart.

This is my story …”

This looked so very good, I really want to make this soon if I can come across any plantains. Of course ribeye would be good with anything, it is probably *the* single thing that keeps me from becoming a vegetarian. Not that we get to eat it very often…

“Bistec a lo Pobre – estilo llita” (shown above) – grilled rib eye steak, fried plantains, 2 over easy fried eggs, beans and white rice.



This Is THE Definition of a True Friend Lone Ranger Story

"Who do you think the cops are going to believe? You two hippie freaks -or me? … and the Lone Ranger steps out of my car.”

How to Crochet a Rug

I loved her rug project and want to do one. I have started already with rags that aren’t useful for cleaning rags, but the inconsistency isn’t great. I love the purple dye on this. I want to check out the rest of Trailer Gypsy’s fun site as well!

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