Posted by: cosmicgarden | October 13, 2012

October 2012 notes

How to make water glow!!!! Halloween, how I love thee!!! I’m not sure how to use this yet, but it would be such an awesome witch’s brew!



I found a good lesson here to help my girl remember how to spell their and there. There are other helpful tips there too!

There are many recipes here I want to try! The modern home kitchen.

These gourds are so beautiful I can’t get over it. I especially love the one with the antler handle.

And the ones with carved flowers that look like crysanthemums…. ahhhh such beauty….

This is my roast potato recipe. When people come over and I want to impress them with a seemly simple recipe that completely blows their mind, this is what I make. What makes it so fascinating is the perfectly creamy interior encased by this crispy exterior—they taste like no roast potatoes I know. Best of all, I found the recipe buried in Heston Blumenthal’s In Search of Perfection.

How could you not love the “Steely Dan” of cheese? Now I’m on the trail—must find the Dire Straights of Cheese, and the Little River Band of cheese, too.

The best cheese to use in grilled cheese sandwiches is a matter of everlasting controversy, but there is a very strong case to be made for taleggio. You can think of this soft-rinded Italian masterpiece as the Steely Dan of cheese: seriously funky, yet smooth and accessible. Unlike cheeses that lose their sharpness (like cheddar) or wonderfully dense texture (like gorgonzola) when melted, taleggio gets even creamier, richer, and tangier when broiled.

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