Posted by: cosmicgarden | November 14, 2012

Kids Without God

The American Humanist Society started a website for kids.


The information I wish to share with other parents is that it was simple to raise kids to be good without a god. I never pretended to my kids that I had all the answers, and the main thing I wanted them to be able to do is to imagine how it would be to walk in someone else’s shoes. I just wanted them to carefully consider ideas and reject those that don’t make sense. Except for love, which is something that doesn’t always make sense but does seem to be a good thing in the world. It helps us be kind, helps us feel good, and helps our species and others to grow and flourish.

Welcome to Kids Without God, a site for the millions of young people around the world who have embraced science, rejected superstition, and are dedicated to being Good Without A God!

I like this woman’s story about being a mom – we have shared some experiences! In my mind, saying “infected” might seem harsh but certainly isn’t any worse than speaking of innocent people agonizing in flames for eternity.

When my son was in 3rd grade I befriended the mom of one of his friends who turned out to be religious, and I remember mentioning to her that I didn’t want my child "infected" with any religion. Of course that relationship didn’t last, which is too bad. I liked her. Maybe the term "infected" was kind of harsh. 
Recently we met a Christian family in the neighborhood. My son and their boy got along so well I didn’t want to sabotage the relationship in any way, so I told my son to stay away from the subject of religion, but if it came up he should say he was a freethinker, an inoffensive term to most people. After all, this is America. Who could argue with someone who wishes to think for themselves? Though, I don’t like the idea of us nonbelievers keeping our mouths shut. We should be shouting from the most populated mountain top: “Wake up people! We need to take responsibility for our world because there is no god watching out for us!”
So now, whenever my son sees a religious symbol he scoffs at it, saying it’s stupid and I turn to him and say, "Yes, but don’t be too harsh; most people just haven’t questioned it. Look to the scientists, who every day, explore, experiment, observe, ask questions and are the only ones who have given us an outline to that age old question, ‘What is life?’”

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