Posted by: cosmicgarden | December 31, 2012

Red and green chile posole

Two days ago we made the soup and last night and today we pressure-canned 4 quarts and 16 pints. I am happy about it. The last time we canned a batch of posole I myself finished the very last pint. It was 3 years old and tasted as fresh as the day we cooked it. The only difference in quality after being canned was the meat seemed hard, not quite as melt-in-your-mouth tender as before the canning process. But the pork is much better this time so I am sure it will be scrumptious. Nice to be able to open a jar and enjoy the home-cooked flavor of soup that generally takes most of a day to cook.

Our recipe is similar to this one at bon appetit. Our tried and true recipe results in layers of flavor from cooking the pork and then making the soup. It is one of my favorite things to eat. It is very spicy which is so enjoyable on cold days, and the hominy makes it very filling too. Chiles and tomatoes are tangy, and we like it with corn tortilla chips for crunch, although flour tortillas are good too, and a bit of grated cheddar cheese just puts it over the top. Yum!

Our recipe has no beans, and we used New Mexico red chile instead of paprika. This time we used a quart of the red-chile sauce I’d canned earlier. We used the last fresh-frozen pork roast from our “happy pork” raised naturally and humanely in view of the Mission Mountains.

We added the last bag of frozen roasted New Mexico green chiles. Half of the tomatoes were dried from our garden and we added lots of oregano from our herb garden too.

Onions and lots of fresh garlic in big chunks.

The soup filled up the gigantic blue enamel water-bath-canner sized pot. It seems like a lot until you taste it and see how fast it goes!

When pressure-canning it, from the time the jiggler starts dancing we timed it 94 minutes for quarts and 79 minutes for pints. One hour and a half and one hour and 15 minutes, respectively, plus 4 minutes, since one minute is added for each thousand feet above sea level.


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