Posted by: cosmicgarden | January 8, 2013

Letters – Navajo Times


One of my favorite memories was when we were still young and we ate a dinner of crumbled hamburger in a gravy made by mixing the meat with flour and water. Mom sat us down and said times are hard and mom and dad don’t have much money so we will have to eat this for a while. We responded, "Yay!" because the simple dish was one of our favorites.

Her cooking was an expression of her love for her family. She taught us that every birthday is a celebration of life. She taught us to be human beings. She showed us that a family cooks and eats together.

Like so many families, her children may have fallen away from this fine tradition, mostly because we are spread out all over the U.S.

Our mother left us in August of 2010. After her funeral service, her extended family, who had travelled to Church Rock from every direction of the compass, gathered in the chapter house for a great feast. Appropriately and in her honor, the gathering was not sad but happy with children playing and people talking. Everyone sat down with a full plate, the way it always was and the way it should be.

Happy holidays, everyone, and make sure to hug your cooks. And, once again, thank you, Mom.

Letters – Navajo Times

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