Posted by: cosmicgarden | February 16, 2013

Last hike with Richard


Friday hiking with the dogs.

I didn’t bother to take much in the way of pictures. It was so spectacular but in the cloudy way– dark dramatic clouds and miles of hills and the distances of the outdoors in Montana. I have to save it in my head since my photos can never capture how breathtakingly beautiful it is.

Our leader Richard has died and I wasn’t ready. I wanted him to show me more.

I didn’t get to know him long enough. I admired him so very much.



Here’s the beginning of the walk on that particular day:

2013 023 walk

See that little road in the middle of this panorama? We walked all the way up there, and turned around and looked at how high up we were and how far we could see….

panorama2013 012

Richard’s red coat was nice –easy to spot from a distance. He always walked farther…

2013 0112013 016This is Pat on the right, who always kindly answers all my questions. On this particular hike she pointed out when we were standing in a patch of bitterroot and it was so lovely, I knew my camera wouldn’t be able to show how beautiful the succulent, star-shaped plants were coming up, not yet flowering. pano


  1. When I looked back I see I was really unclear in this post. This was the last time I went hiking with Richard, not Richard’s last hike. Also, the photos aren’t sized right, you really have to click on them to see what the heck I’m talking about. I can’t bear to worry about technical details with it right now. ~C

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