Posted by: cosmicgarden | February 25, 2013

Embracing Sardines

I think we’re going to it. Embracing Sardines – Elise’s Kitchen 

We need to get our fishy vitamins somehow, and after reading that a recent sample of 1200 purchases, 75% of the fish in the stores were not the fish the labels claimed. Bad bad news for certain people, like pregnant women. And anyone else who cares about their exposure to damaging heavy metals and other toxins our oceans and waterways are polluted with.

I am hoping sardines or anchovies might be a healthier alternative to the sausage and pepperoni I keep wanting to add to pasta salad. Turkey ham…. I just don’t know what’s in it!

I am reading the Cook Like a Rockstar cookbook. Perhaps I will be more excited about it when I try some of the recipes, but so far it’s not making me want to jam.

I made another batch of home-made dog food for the dogs, and was glad to find this. Other links have different info. One thing I know for sure, dogs are much more interested in squash and green beans when they are mixed with venison than when they are not. They love the home-made food as much as canned, but I know the healthy ingredients that are in the home-made stuff.


In the news:

Meanwhile a family from Libby is having to take the 9-yr-old with autoimmune cancer-like disease to a far city for expensive treatments for certain complications. I am glad Medicaid will pay for the basic medical care. This is taxpayers picking up the tab. And the WR Grace company goes free, not one person accountable for knowingly polluting the entire area and causing such ongoing suffering, pain, and death. The family begs for money from strangers to try to get enough dollars so someone can travel with the child to the far away place. Ronald McDonald house only provides so much.

Our Montana state legislators are the ones I view as responsible. They’ve allowed this crime against innocent people to continue. They allowed this “person” to murder, with no consequences. And the profits made from the production are also gone to far away places, making more money, buying more politicians, extracting more wealth from resources all over the world, leaving more shit for other people to clean up.

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