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Go learn in Yellowstone Park.

Or—Spiffy Films needs actors and actresses! “Really badly.” Ha ha ha ha! Actually I think that one is outdated, I just found one of Sean’s old papers from one of his middle school ventures. Funny!

Yellowstone Park is magical, powerful, amazing, wonderful … no, scratch all that, there really aren’t any words. It is the middle of a giant caldera, and it’s indescribable, and you must, absolutely must, visit there at least once before you die. I personally, can not spend enough time there, it’s scary and exciting and the colors are unreal.

Can you imagine being the First People, to discover this place when there were not loads of people in cars and tourists wanting to get up close for a good picture of a wild bear or buffalo (not smart!)

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This summer the Yellowstone Association Institute, Yellowstone’s field school, is proud to offer scholarships for educators.  These tuition scholarships allow teachers to attend Institute field seminars at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch or the Overlook Field Campus in Gardiner, MT.  This summer’s offerings include in-depth courses on Yellowstone’s wildlife, cultural history, and geology, as well as seminars in photography, writing, and painting.  Teachers do critical work connecting students with wild places and National Parks.  We hope these scholarships can help further those connections.

For more information visit our page on field seminars (below) and click on the "Teacher Scholarships" link.  Please forward to any teachers in the Greater Yellowstone that you think might be interested.

Kind regards,


Mike Kautz
Operations Manager
Yellowstone Association Institute
P.O. Box 117
Yellowstone National Park, WY  82190

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