Posted by: cosmicgarden | September 14, 2015

Hot lips


Hot Lips Salvia

I picked all the tomatoes that were starting to get ripe. It’s always a gamble this time of year, since it will freeze soon, so if they’re partially red already I choose to let them finish safely inside.

Unfortunately I didn’t think to take any photos beforehand. I thought of it as it was starting to get dark.  These were taken with a phone camera. I miss that old Olympus!



I processed these 3 jars of pickled peppers in a water bath for 15 minutes. But will keep the small jar in the fridge since it’s not a canning jar and lid. These will go well with a plate of beans and cornbread. Smile


There are still lots of green cherry peppers in the garden to be picked before the freeze. I picked all of the serrannos and jalapenos of good size and there are still quite a few of them left out there too.


Last spring I was gifted a bunch of lily roots and ran out of time so just stuck them in half a bed in the garden.  They bloomed this spring and summer. Unlike the lilies I already had, these blossoms were a beatiful orange. I think they’re

tiger lilies

. And now there are these interesting berries on the stems!20150913_194158 lily berries


There are so many things in the garden. I’m really in love with it. Most of the time it’s a peaceful spot.

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