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Go learn in Yellowstone Park.

Or—Spiffy Films needs actors and actresses! “Really badly.” Ha ha ha ha! Actually I think that one is outdated, I just found one of Sean’s old papers from one of his middle school ventures. Funny!

Yellowstone Park is magical, powerful, amazing, wonderful … no, scratch all that, there really aren’t any words. It is the middle of a giant caldera, and it’s indescribable, and you must, absolutely must, visit there at least once before you die. I personally, can not spend enough time there, it’s scary and exciting and the colors are unreal.

Can you imagine being the First People, to discover this place when there were not loads of people in cars and tourists wanting to get up close for a good picture of a wild bear or buffalo (not smart!)

2012 096

This summer the Yellowstone Association Institute, Yellowstone’s field school, is proud to offer scholarships for educators.  These tuition scholarships allow teachers to attend Institute field seminars at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch or the Overlook Field Campus in Gardiner, MT.  This summer’s offerings include in-depth courses on Yellowstone’s wildlife, cultural history, and geology, as well as seminars in photography, writing, and painting.  Teachers do critical work connecting students with wild places and National Parks.  We hope these scholarships can help further those connections.

For more information visit our page on field seminars (below) and click on the "Teacher Scholarships" link.  Please forward to any teachers in the Greater Yellowstone that you think might be interested.

Kind regards,


Mike Kautz
Operations Manager
Yellowstone Association Institute
P.O. Box 117
Yellowstone National Park, WY  82190

2012 158

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Friday’s hike

2013 001



2013 007pano 030113 leftpano 030113 right

It’s not possible to show how high up we were, but my leg muscles know the truth! It was quite a workout for Elmer too, but it was clear he loved it.

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Why it is not desirable to "Love" everyone

by Cheryl Wolfe on Saturday, May 26, 2012

If one uses religion to feel "part of" something, or one with the universe, that seems a nice and pleasant thing, as long as it’s not insisting everyone be a part of the same thing. But it’s sad when it is based on making people feel they are small or bad or ignorant or never good enough or complacent with Patriarchy ☨ (we must bring back that word to identify this conditioning we’re still receiving all the time.)

But (in my not so humble opinion)

**It’s not normal or healthy to love everyone. And many religions teach you should strive to love everybody and try to be like Christ, who gave his life, a blood sacrifice, to cleanse everyone of their original sin, or badness, they were born with. So it is teaching people they *should* feel something that is 1. unattainable and 2. not normal or healthy.  (I’ll not get started on the problems with Buddhism and the like in this post.) I think love is not only a word but something you DO. To me love is a powerful and deep feeling and way of acting. Sharing unique and priceless gifts. To me love is offering my finite amount of lifeTIME. To me, love is loyal and stays true, no matter what, unconditional. To me, love includes sacrifice, to put someone else’s needs ahead of mine. It’s not possible to have this powerful and deep LOVE for "everyone" and it’s not something anyone can do outside of mythology, and it wouldn’t be healthy or beneficial to extend that to everyone a person meets. Would I offer Hitler the shirt off my back? No — I don’t love him and I judge I need my shirt more. Would I give Osama bin Laden a trial? Yes–I don’t love him but justice includes due process and does not include murder. This notion of love that the dominant religion pushes on people does not extend to ACTIONS, you’re supposed to "love everybody" but homicide is perfectly at home within that circle of "love."  In personal life I feel I have quite an open mind and try to understand the journey each person has come through–but I *do* judge people, as we all must, and want my children to learn how to judge people -hopefully with fairness and eyes looking deeply past the superficial masks on the outside.  I can attempt to learn from everyone, but I don’t have to love or spend time with people who are not kind, and I would not leave my child in the care of people I judge to be unsafe. To live in this world, the real world in which we exist, it is necessary to judge and it is necessary to NOT love everybody.

**Compassion and understanding are things to strive for. I think we are better people, and we feel better, ☻ if we can have compassion and understanding. And understanding can help us learn how to alleviate and/or prevent or avoid some of the evils and suffering in the world.

**Justice and fairness are required. Must be insisted upon-demanded-fought for. In our daily actions but even more so in our law and institutional systems. Fairness requires we base these things on equality and rational measures and *universal human rights*–not subjective emotions that are in fact unfair. For example, from day one, persons in our society "love" white people just a little bit more (the doll studies show that fact clearly, as do all measurements of our criminal justice system and other measures) We also "love" men just a little bit more (this is proven in every measurement too) In my observations people seem to "love" people with money quite a bit more too. I’m certain that could be proven if we did a study.  In all of these situations–it’s wrong. We must demand and insist on fairness and justice, not love.  Everyone has value and worth as a human being, we must protect the equality and human dignity of each person. I am not saying justice is so much clearer or easier  than love-but we should fight for justice, throughout our entire lives, love or not.  In fact it is very hard. But determining the *right* thing to *do* is important and absolutely necessary. More important and more necessary than trying to love everybody.

Our country is the most powerful in the world– if we could choose to strive for human rights we could make the world an immensely better place. We could elevate the condition of billions and relieve the suffering of humanity worldwide. Praying that we can love everybody has a number of problems which makes it mostly useless.

Instead of church, my plan is to take regular time to study and learn what human rights include and how it needs to be done

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Embracing Sardines

I think we’re going to it. Embracing Sardines – Elise’s Kitchen 

We need to get our fishy vitamins somehow, and after reading that a recent sample of 1200 purchases, 75% of the fish in the stores were not the fish the labels claimed. Bad bad news for certain people, like pregnant women. And anyone else who cares about their exposure to damaging heavy metals and other toxins our oceans and waterways are polluted with.

I am hoping sardines or anchovies might be a healthier alternative to the sausage and pepperoni I keep wanting to add to pasta salad. Turkey ham…. I just don’t know what’s in it!

I am reading the Cook Like a Rockstar cookbook. Perhaps I will be more excited about it when I try some of the recipes, but so far it’s not making me want to jam.

I made another batch of home-made dog food for the dogs, and was glad to find this. Other links have different info. One thing I know for sure, dogs are much more interested in squash and green beans when they are mixed with venison than when they are not. They love the home-made food as much as canned, but I know the healthy ingredients that are in the home-made stuff.


In the news:

Meanwhile a family from Libby is having to take the 9-yr-old with autoimmune cancer-like disease to a far city for expensive treatments for certain complications. I am glad Medicaid will pay for the basic medical care. This is taxpayers picking up the tab. And the WR Grace company goes free, not one person accountable for knowingly polluting the entire area and causing such ongoing suffering, pain, and death. The family begs for money from strangers to try to get enough dollars so someone can travel with the child to the far away place. Ronald McDonald house only provides so much.

Our Montana state legislators are the ones I view as responsible. They’ve allowed this crime against innocent people to continue. They allowed this “person” to murder, with no consequences. And the profits made from the production are also gone to far away places, making more money, buying more politicians, extracting more wealth from resources all over the world, leaving more shit for other people to clean up.

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Last hike with Richard


Friday hiking with the dogs.

I didn’t bother to take much in the way of pictures. It was so spectacular but in the cloudy way– dark dramatic clouds and miles of hills and the distances of the outdoors in Montana. I have to save it in my head since my photos can never capture how breathtakingly beautiful it is.

Our leader Richard has died and I wasn’t ready. I wanted him to show me more.

I didn’t get to know him long enough. I admired him so very much.



Here’s the beginning of the walk on that particular day:

2013 023 walk

See that little road in the middle of this panorama? We walked all the way up there, and turned around and looked at how high up we were and how far we could see….

panorama2013 012

Richard’s red coat was nice –easy to spot from a distance. He always walked farther…

2013 0112013 016This is Pat on the right, who always kindly answers all my questions. On this particular hike she pointed out when we were standing in a patch of bitterroot and it was so lovely, I knew my camera wouldn’t be able to show how beautiful the succulent, star-shaped plants were coming up, not yet flowering. pano

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Basket of squash

2012 008

This is a large laundry basket with squash and gourds from our garden. The large orange oval with green tips are Lakota heirloom squash, and there are some birdhouse gourds, and little acorns that needed more time.

And this is a black cat named Fairy, sitting in a window with a crocheted doily, a rainbow-tie-dyed curtain, a collection of crystals, some antique blue glasses, a glass moon with a crystal star. The lilac tree outside the window we planted in 1997 so we would eventually have something beautiful to look at instead of the neighbor’s house only a few feet away. That is one plant placement I’m pleased with the results.

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“When people doubt the integrity of the police officers in their community it undermines the effectiveness of the police and puts all citizens at risk.”

We have grave concerns regarding how police officers who commit the crime of domestic battery respond to domestic violence calls in the community. Obviously, their attitude may be less than appropriate in dealing with either party. Moreover, a police officer who is sympathetic to an abuser may not adequately protect a victim, projecting his own beliefs that women exaggerate the danger.


Slaps on the wrist for Polson police officers Wade Nash and Cory Anderson

The parties agreed to resolutions of both cases last month. The resolutions stipulate that, in order to retain their law enforcement certifications, Nash and Anderson must attend ethics training. Nash (PDF) must also attend training in evidence procedures, while Anderson (PDF) will undergo a chemical dependency evaluation.

Nash and Anderson are two of the seven officers in four separate Lake County law enforcement agencies POST has served with notices of possible certification revocation since the agency began investigations in 2010. Cases against two other officers—Ronan Police Chief Dan Wadsworth and former Lake County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Dan Duryee—remain open. Three cases have been dropped.

I can’t imagine a ‘legitimate’ call from law enforcement at one in the morning unless there is an emergency. 

According to POST, the officers were off-duty and intoxicated when, at 1:17 a.m., Nash used Anderson’s cellphone to call and intimidate a witness
accused … of accepting, in 2004, a shotgun as a gift for coordinating a sale of guns seized as evidence

Officers are sworn not only to enforce the law, but to abide by it. Police departments have a responsibility to confront illegal behavior, domestic violence is not a private matter — it is a crime.





“Hart and the POST Council concluded that a chemical dependency evaluation is enough.”


Hart said “POST came in and rang some bells…and said, ‘Hey, we’re paying attention here, guys.   You’ve got to clean this nonsense up. This is not okay.’”

“They were furious,” she said … “If they could have spilled blood, they would have.”

Many officials in Lake County and beyond have decried POST’s investigations. Polson-Ronan City Attorney James Raymond has called it a “smear campaign.” Lake County Attorney Mitch Young has refused to prosecute;

POST Acting Executive Director Clay Coker:

“I got to say,” Coker said during the meeting, “that this is one of those [cases where] people stood in front of you a year ago [and said], ‘How dare you look at my agency. There’s no problem here’…But at the end of the day, there’s some merit to a couple of these [cases], and they ended up admitting to it.”




I really really really really really really really really —— hate it when the cops are hiding in the bushes in my front yard. Thank you, ——-, for making me call my child to ‘get down’ for fear of being shot by you. What the police don’t understand is that once they’ve lost trust by doing something stupid or evil, they can never gain it back. Especially by hiding in the bushes. —– cowards. If you’re going to harass the neighbors, just be a man and go to the door and do it honestly. I am especially angry for all the times they never did anything about real danger. Especially when that would have involved questioning a tall or fat moneyed white man. I am especially angry for the way they only treat people so disrespectfully when they are women. Or poor. Or not white. Ah, I forget myself for a minute, in the eyes of our sick sick society, real people wouldn’t live in these hovels.

Polson, Montana – not as lovely as one might think.


Latest Update Lake Co. Sheriff Dept. misconduct investigation ends

Investigators found there was a lack of evidence to prove anything, and couldn’t determine how the files arrived at the Sheriff’s Office or access Woods’ computer for examination.


HELENA- A legislative committee heard testimony on Friday about investigations into alleged misconduct by several law enforcement members in Lake County.

The Law and Justice Committee asked staff from the Department of Justice, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, and the Montana POST Council to talk about the process the agencies used to investigate the allegations.


The legislative committee was chaired by one of our lawmakers who got busted for open container and was himself running for the state attorney general position.  I sent a letter to the committee, which they refused to read into the record.


Shockley’s committee found nothing wrong, even though he says something different now that he’s been defeated in his AG bid.  Now he ADMITS he knows there’s something wrong.

And then Shockley brings it back to what started this whole debate: “There’s something going on in Lake County that the county attorney, sheriff and attorney general do not want known.”


Last weekend, representatives of the Montana Public Safety Officer Standards and Training Council, or POST, the state agency that polices the police, came to Lake County to track down five current and former law enforcement officers, to serve them with certification revocation notices.


Lake County law enforcement officers sue colleagues in federal court

Posted by Matthew Frank

For months a handful of law enforcement officers in Lake County have been denying allegations of misconduct. Now they’ll be defending themselves in court.

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Old Moss Woman on facebook

said: “Gardening with a whimsy flair – create an eco-fairy village for the wee folk to stay while they tend your garden chores. The eco-village must not have anything purchased, the wee folk must learn to make do on recycled and re-purposed loot, trinkets, and handmade huts, ‘n hovels.
Make it an adventure to locate the pieces of your eco-fairy village.”

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Letters – Navajo Times


One of my favorite memories was when we were still young and we ate a dinner of crumbled hamburger in a gravy made by mixing the meat with flour and water. Mom sat us down and said times are hard and mom and dad don’t have much money so we will have to eat this for a while. We responded, "Yay!" because the simple dish was one of our favorites.

Her cooking was an expression of her love for her family. She taught us that every birthday is a celebration of life. She taught us to be human beings. She showed us that a family cooks and eats together.

Like so many families, her children may have fallen away from this fine tradition, mostly because we are spread out all over the U.S.

Our mother left us in August of 2010. After her funeral service, her extended family, who had travelled to Church Rock from every direction of the compass, gathered in the chapter house for a great feast. Appropriately and in her honor, the gathering was not sad but happy with children playing and people talking. Everyone sat down with a full plate, the way it always was and the way it should be.

Happy holidays, everyone, and make sure to hug your cooks. And, once again, thank you, Mom.

Letters – Navajo Times

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Poetry of Voltairine de Cleyre

(I hope these are shared widely as possible. Many Thanks to “Liberated Existence” and the Stan Iverson Archives-CW)


Mary Wollstonecraft

The dust of a hundred years
Is on thy breast,
And thy day and thy night of tears
Are centurine rest.
Thou to whom joy was dumb,
Life a broken rhyme,
Lo, thy smiling time is come,
And our weeping time.
Thou who hadst sponge and myrrh
And a bitter cross,
Smile, for the day is here
That we know our loss;—
Loss of thine undone deed,
Thy unfinished song,
Th’ unspoken word for our need,
Th’ unrighted wrong;
Smile, for we weep, we weep,
For the unsoothed pain,
The unbound wound burned deep,
That we might gain.
Mother of sorrowful eyes
In the dead old days,
Mother of many sighs,
Of pain-shod ways;
Mother of resolute feet
Through all the thorns,
Mother soul-strong, soul-sweet,—
Lo, after storms
Have broken and beat thy dust
For a hundred years,
Thy memory is made just,
And the just man hears.

Thy children kneel and repeat:
"Though dust be dust,
Though sod and coffin and sheet
And moth and rust
Have folded and molded and pressed,
Yet they cannot kill;
In the heart of the world at rest
She liveth still."

Philadelphia, 27th April 1893

The Poetry of Voltairine de Cleyre




And Thou Too
The Hurricane
At the Grave in Waldheim
The Dirge of the Sea
I Am
Love’s Ghost
Life or Death
The Toast of Despair
Mary Wollstonecraft
John P. Altgeld
The Feast of Vultures
The Suicide’s Defense
The Road Builders
Ave et Vale
"Light Upon Waldheim"



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