Posted by: cosmicgarden | November 21, 2012

Tiny Houses

Small places can be so cute.

But there is a big challenge in this Montana climate and one we’ve not successfully overcome.

The more we insulate, the more humidity gets trapped in the house. People put out a lot of water just by living. When this house was built as shelter for the laborers building the dam, showers were not a standard feature. All the things we love to do, cook soup, have tea, big pots of pasta, roasting vegetables in the oven, canning from the garden, having cats and dogs and kids and friends, all puts out moisture which is not a problem during warm weather when the doors and windows are open a lot.

Next project is to install vent fans in the bathroom and kitchen. It’s expected that in order to make that happen in such an old house there will be electrical upgrading necessary. Perhaps a change in heating systems. I am looking for a radical solution. I know we have the technology. Currently an open window and a small fan works but it’s irritating to feel that I’m trying to heat the whole Polson great outdoors.

Tiny Houses and indoor air quality.

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